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User Portfolios

This page highlights portfolios of objects that have been created by users. In some cases, the portfolio creator may have attached a note about why they chose to group a particular set of objects. In all cases, these are the galleries that they specifically chose to share with you.

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Global History of Photography
204 record(s)
created by: ashostak
Bates Chinese
5 record(s)
created by: mwalt
Landscape & Power
74 record(s)
created by: ashostak
Maine-Scapes -- study images for AVC 371 -- Landscape & Power
22 record(s)
created by: enolan
Hi! Here are the works for the Landscape & Power class -- THANK YOU!
AVC 223 -- Global history of Photo -- Other Histories of Photo Project
7 record(s)
created by: enolan
1. Other Histories of Photo Project -- AVC 223 -- Global history of Photo

These are the photos that we will look at 3x this semester for a semester long writing assignment.
These are the dates of the visits that we will need to see these works:
I will need to set up a time when the students can come see these works independently over the reading period in December. Thank you!
AVC 223 -- Global History of Photo -- class visit 11/8
31 record(s)
created by: enolan
This should focus on FSA related photographs -- please see the images in the portfolio
AVC 223 -- Global History of Photo -- class visit 11/17
18 record(s)
created by: enolan
Images from China about landscape, place, nationality and cultural belonging
AVC 223 -- Global History of Photo -- class visit 10/25
11 record(s)
created by: enolan
War photography


the images from the Other Histories portfolio as well (the same images that the students selected the first time)
ASIA 131 Chinese Popular Culture 2/1/23
38 record(s)
created by: Zlu
ASIA s20 Philosophy of the Body
26 record(s)
created by: Zlu
Japanese Prints for SIA S23 - Studying Asian Art in the  Museum
78 record(s)
created by: ashostak
All works with no thumbnail need to be photographed
Yao Vietnamese Collection
110 record(s)
created by: caudette
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