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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Green Stone Male Figure   Pre-Columbian   Stone  800-1200 
Seated Slab Pottery Figure   Pre-Columbian   Solid slab ceramic and gold  1000-1500 
Pottery Figure of Standing Male   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic and gold  1000-1500 
Pottery Head Fragments   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  300 BCE- 300 
Green Stone Llama   Pre-Columbian   malechite  1200-1530 
Painted Pedestal Pottery Bowl   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  1250-1500 
Effigy Ocarina   Pre-Columbian   Blackware ceramic  1000-1540 
Pottery Effigy Vessel   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  1000-1540 
Double Spouted Blackware Pottery Vessel   Pre-Columbian   Blackware ceramic  1000-1550 
Pottery Effigy Vessel   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  300 BCE- 700 
Three Legged Vase   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  100 BCE - 500 
Painted Pottery Vessel   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  300 BCE- 700 
Redware Pottery Effigy Vessel   Pre-Columbian   Redware ceramic  800-100 BCE 
Stone Turtle Pendant   Pre-Columbian   Stone  n.d. 
Tumbaga Bird Pendant   Pre-Columbian   Gold and copper  300 BCE- 200 
Mayan Ceremonial Plate   Pre-Columbian   Ceramic  700-800 
Seated Male Figure   Olmec   Buffware with white kaolin slip and red pigment  ca. 900-600 BCE 
Guerrero Stone Standing Figure   Pre-Columbian   green stone  ca. 300 BCE - 100 BCE 
Chinesco Standing Female Figurine   Pre-Columbian   Terracotta with pigment  ca.100 BCE - 250 CE 
Zapotec Miniature Figural Urn   Zapotec   Terracotta  ca. 200-400 
Veracruz Stone Hacha   Pre-Columbian   stone  ca.550-950 

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