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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
[Being] ​Happy With [the] Harvest   Liu Xi Chi   offset lithograph  n.d. 
Advance Bravely To Closely Follow Our Great Leader Chairman Mao   China   offset lithograph  May 1969 
All Are In The Morning Light Of The Lotus Country   Lu Xing College of Art Publishing House   offset lithograph  n.d. 
All Proletarians Of The World Unite Together   China   offset lithograph  n.d. 
Army, People, Unite As One Body   Jiangsu People's Publishing House   Offset lithograph  n.d. 
Be Ever Prepared, Be Sure To Annihilate Invading Enemies   Dong Hai Hong   offset lithograph  March 1, 1971 
Broaden Sports Activities In Rural Areas   Zhao KunHan   offset lithograph  July 1, 1975 
Chairman Mao Went To AnYuan   China   offset lithograph  n.d. 
Highly Alert   China   offset lithograph  January 1974 
Learn From The Liberation Army, Learn From Da Zai, Learn From Da Ching, Advance Bravely And Hold High The Great Banner Of Mao ZeDong   Feng, Zhi and Wang, Bu   Offset lithograph  April 1966 
Long Live Chairman Mao's Revolution Guidelines from Workers, Peasants and Soldiers series   Revolution Committee of Mao ZeDong's ideology   offset lithograph  April 1969 
Long Live The People's Republic of China   Gao, Quan and Yang, KeShang   offset lithograph  June 1979 
March Triumphantly Along With Chairman Mao’s Route On Literature And Art Of Proletariats   Hang Zhou City Art Studio   offset lithograph  June 1, 1972 
Strive To Achieve The Economy Of The 4th Five Year Plan   Revolution Commitee of the Third Construction Team   offset lithograph  September 1, 1971 
Strive To Achieve The Greatest Possible Degree Of Mechanization In Agriculture By 1980   Chu ReiMin   offset lithograph  n.d. 
Threefold ... no. 30   China   offset lithograph  n.d. 
Unite Together To Strive For Greater Success   Jiang, Nan Chun   Offset lithograph  September 1, 1973 
Untitled   China   offset lithograph  n.d. 
We Cheer The Successfulness Of The Opening Of The Fourth National People’s Congress, Advance Bravely With Chairman Mao’s Revolution Routes   Wu Min   offset lithograph  n.d. 

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