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Marsden Hartley: Adventurer in the Arts

In Progress
09/20/2021 - 11/19/2021
Organizing institution: Bates College Museum of Art

Exhibition Objects (105)

3 pencils 1951.2.60.b

4 buttons 1951.2.53.8.a-d

6 lapel pins 1951.2.53.22.a-f

Address book 1955.1.156

Alpspitze 1955.1.31

Beads 1951.2.53.54.a-h

Black crayon 1951.2.60.h

Blanket 1976.3.42

Bracelet 1951.2.53.3

Bracelet 1951.2.53.4

Bracelet 1951.2.53.2

Carpet 1976.3.40

Fountain Pen 1951.2.50.b

Fountain Pen 1951.2.50.c

Fountain Pen 1951.2.50.d

Fountain Pen 1951.2.50.e

Garmisch 1955.1.28

ID Bracelet 1951.2.53.5

ID Bracelet 1951.2.53.6

ID Bracelet 1951.2.53.7

Jewelry box 1951.2.53.1

Leather case 1955.1.160

Luggage tag 1951.2.55.a-c

Necklace 1951.2.29.a-c

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.24.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.33.a-d

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.32.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.31.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.30.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.29.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.28.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.27.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.26.a-b

Pair of Cufflinks 1951.2.53.25.a-b

Pencil case 1951.2.60.a

Pendant 1951.2.53.23

Ring 1951.2.53.38

Ring 1951.2.53.37

Ring 1951.2.53.36

Ring 1951.2.53.21

Ring 1951.2.53.39

Ring 1951.2.53.40

Ring 1951.2.53.41

Ring 1951.2.53.42

Ring 1951.2.53.43

Ring 1951.2.53.44

Ring 1951.2.53.45

Ring 1951.2.53.46

Ring 1951.2.53.47

Ring 1951.2.53.48

Ring 1951.2.53.49

Stick pin 1951.2.59.a-b

Studs 1951.2.53.51.a-e

Studs 1951.2.53.50.a-c

Studs 1951.2.53.52.a-d

Stylo 1951.2.60.g

Toy Soldier 1955.1.221.d

Toy Soldier 1955.1.221.a

Toy Soldier 1955.1.221.b

Wrist watch 1951.2.53.20

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